Monday, 20 March 2017

21st of Trisomy 2017

Golly! It's our fifth 21st of Trisomy with Jacinta in the family.

I find it amusing that my attitude to the whole business changes with each passing year, as my perspective changes.

The first year I didn't even know it was on and the next year she had leukaemia, so I didn't care. Then the next year I blogged early, then I think last year I actually blogged on time! So here I am, theoretically blogging on time, though it's still early in the day and anything might happen between here and the next paragraph to throw me off course until tomorrow.

So instead of waxing lyrical about some very important and serious topic, which I actually started to do and then deleted the whole thing,  I'm going to share my favourite two videos which were made just for today.

This one features teens with T21 showing you, graphically, what exactly a Trisomy of the 21st chromosome is.   Highly enjoyable and informative, if slightly disturbing.

And this one is the super cool video that just cannot be explained. Not so much informative as hilarious.

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