Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Forgot to touch wood!

Hey all,
A month or two ago I realised that for the first time in Jacinta's life she'd managed to clock up twelve straight months out of hospital. That's saying something when you're approaching 4 years of age!

Now, I'm not your throw-salt-over-your-shoulder, don't-step-on-a-crack-while-walking-under-a-black-ladder-on-Friday-the-thirteenth kind of person but as I say, I should have touched wood - but I forgot, coz I never do.

I actually thought I was going to be telling another knock knock joke - you remember the one where it's Luke - Luke Aemia, since Jacinta has been rather more tired lately and there have been some petechiae and a nose that wouldn't stop bleeding, but on the very same afternoon as I was calling the Oncologist to find out the blood results, the Cardiologist was trying to call me to tell me Jacinta needs another round of heart surgery.

The upshot is, bloods are nothing to worry about, but the membrane growing across her left ventricular outflow tract is likely to cause a problem if it's left there, so they want to take it out.
Should be a short procedure, but with all the scar tissue it'll take some time like it did last time. They have to cut through very carefully so they take....their.....time. Not much time on bypass though, which is good.

And because things are quiet at the moment, they want to do it in November - which is a couple of weeks away!!

Suddenly we've gone from no hospital on the horizon and everything mostly normal (bar the tiredness etc) to a pre-admission appointment in a couple of weeks and surgery any time after that. We've never had such a short lead time, but I'm grateful for it. Hanging, waiting on tenterhooks for a year is something I'd rather not repeat. I like to write things in pen!

So I'll update you as we need to and as it happens. See you in a couple of weeks!

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