Monday, 2 March 2015


Here is a blog post for all those parents out there who just aren't getting it done today.

I'm known for my positive outlook (some might say I have blinkers on, or I refuse to admit things are as bad as they are, but I just choose not to look at the car crash if I can't be of assistance and to focus on the bright side).

Still, there are times when a positive outlook takes a beating and these are most likely to be the days when sleep is lacking, washing is mounting, you're well and truly outnumbered by inactive members of the household and chocolate is plentiful, and on sale.

So I'm sitting here, when I should be in bed, having just finished my 'grown up work' (bookkeeping) for the evening. Can't possibly go straight to bed because that is simply too depressing, to have a whole day with no downtime, and I refuse to entertain going to bed when my thoughts are still on work, of any kind.

So right now my inspiration levels are at an all-time low, and I thought it was worth mentioning that although I am still very much the person who has written all the previous blog entries and will be up and at 'em tomorrow, tonight I am off post. I'm mentally off the air.

I have recently come across the blog of a lady who lives in the same city as me. She has one more daughter than I do and they're a bit older. She has incurable cancer and she's an absolute hoot. She's inspirational. Today I do not feel in the least bit inspirational. I'm still positive, no change there, but I'm tired. Very tired. I had a follow-up doctor's appointment today re my toe which seems not to be broken from looking at the xray. It was to get the results of my xray. You can see why I forgot all about it and didn't turn up! Must ring and apologise tomorrow. Must remember to do so!

Anyway, I just thought it might help to hear, just this once, I'm not feeling particularly inspired today and I don't have any particularly inspirational words to say. Time for bed.

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