Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Week 15 Diary Luke Aemia

Monday 5th May

So I've skipped Sunday because nothing much happened medically and we had an appointment on Monday - or so the piece of paper said.

In actual fact we got there after going via pathology and having bloods done only to find that the appointment should have been for Wednesday. There had been much changing of minds in the admin/doctor area the previous week and they had booked and rebooked the Wednesday appointment. My sheet said the Wed had been cancelled and my appt was Mon. In fact that Mon had been cancelled and Wed rebooked. No matter, we saw Dr Molly anyway. We love Dr Molly.

Jacinta's white blood cells (neutrophils in particular) had gone up, which is interesting, to a super nice level. (About 3.0) So no need to avoid Chadstone that day.

We started thinking about how the next round might roll out. Dr Molly showed me the protocol which is 7 days' continuous infusion (yuck!) of something toxic with 3 days' continuous infusion at the beginning of that 7 of something else toxic. (Two at once for the first few days.)

Dr Molly seemed to think that we might have to be in for the days where we had two running. Hmmm. I guess we'll see. If nothing goes awry, we're looking at 26th May for this. The rest can be done at home I believe.

Tues 6th - Sat 10th May

One long week of having a yucky fluey thing and teething. Jacinta's been fine in terms of hospital admission parameters. Managed fine (not enjoying though) with the flu/cold. No temps to speak of.
Next appointment Monday.

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