Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Week 13 Diary Luke Aemia

Sun 20th - Tues 22nd April.

Sunday morning we woke up and Jacinta was feeling a bit hot. She had been under the covers with me and in very warm clothes, but felt hotter still than that. I got out the thermometer. 37 degrees. Hmmm....

We'd got this far and I certainly didn't feel like suddenly rushing in to the hospital on Easter morning and relocating lunch in to the hospital, like a big cliche, and causing everyone so much trouble. (They had planned for this eventuality, it being my birthday also and guest of honour - sort of - but I wanted to avoid it at all costs.)

I took off a lot of Jacinta's clothing (it's not my colour anyway....) and we carried on as usual, getting ready. By the time we got to lunch she was feeling a much better temperature. It's funny when you're dealing with temps a lot, you can really feel a 37 from a 37.5 from a 38.  Cool skill to have when you're tempering chocolate without a confectioner's thermometer.

Monday was fairly uneventful. So uneventful in fact was it that I cannot remember a single thing that happened in terms of her physical state etc.

Tuesday was her appointment for echocardiogram, bloods, wound care and maybe doctor. Everything was pretty straightforward. The hospital was comparatively empty - possibly everyone was still hung over from the Good Friday Appeal.

We ran in to the nurse co-ordinator who told us that her blood results from Saturday were 'awesome' and that we could start the chemo as planned next Tuesday. Everything as expected. Poor Jacinta, when she's older, if she's not getting 'amazing' or 'awesome' on every school report, there'll be trouble!! She's setting the bar pretty high for herself.

We popped in to the ward to see our good friends. It was nice to hang out for a bit and not get poked or prodded or kept upstairs for days on end. So we're out for another week, health permitting (though by the sounds of those awesome bloods I think we'll have no trouble with infections).

One thing I'm dealing with at the moment which is very weird is my memory. It's extremely faulty. The other day I got in my car to meet up with my husband across town. I went to start the car and found that turning the key was achieving nothing. The lights were fine and the radio was fine. There was nothing going on when I turned that key. I couldn't work it out. Usually when the battery's had it you get nothing, or if the lights etc are working you get a feeble attempt from the car's engine. This was chalk and cheese.

I rang my husband and told him I couldn't get it started. It was a few minutes of debate about calling the RACV or having him come back and jump start us, when I mentioned that I felt like I was forgetting something and he asked me if I'd pressed the immobiliser button that is with the keys, which you have to press every single time you start the car. Ten seconds later we were on our way.

Then last night we were at another family birthday, just about to leave when I realised that there had been talk of my quartet rehearsing that very night and that there had probably been discussion about it all day on facebook with me conspicuously absent, and I had completely forgotten all about it and even left my phone at home. I got home to several missed calls and messages re the rehearsal that hadn't happened. Must remember tomorrow...must remember tomorrow....

We forgot ballet this afternoon too.....

We'll get there!

Wed 23rd-Sat 27th April.

Nothing much happened.

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