Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Progress report

So it's been an interesting couple of weeks.
About two weeks ago I took Jacinta to her weekly NAET with Maria and found out there was a new vial. It's a kind of trial one, I think, so I'm not going to say exactly what it treats because very few practitioners have it, but it's a pretty basic thing. It can be put with any other thing.
Jacinta was treated with this vial and I swear that by the end of the 20 mins of waiting, her face  had changed somehow. She looked different.
On top of this, she started baby talking like someone had turned on a tap once we got home. I really wasn't sure if I hadn't just imagined all this and I commented to my husband, who reserved judgement until a little later when he commented that she was really talking up a storm.

So of course, to make things very straightforward, I also started up with glyconutrients again the same day. No particular reason, I simply got around to it. Thus I have two possible catalysts for  this change.
Another thing which started last week is that the local early intervention service finally sent around the physio who had been very hard to get onto. She left a feeding and other things chair which she says works the core abdominal muscles to help with crawling.

It seems that in modern physiotherapy there's not much emphasis placed on commando crawling (cross-pattern crawling on your tummy) and all the emphasis is placed on crawling (on hands and knees - creeping, for my US readers). It seems a little bit funny to put a baby in a chair for preference to work his/her abdominal muscles. I tried commando crawling a few times and each time my midsection got a really good workout!

Anyway, the physio gave me quite a few things to do and basically all I managed to do was to put Jacinta in the chair for feeds and move the toys she plays with in the car up a bit higher so she can reach up high and straight out if she wants to. The physio was really happy with her progress today so that was good. She can't see why I'd prefer to do the IAHP program since it's a lot of work and doesn't address the micro-stages, like 'how do we get from the floor to crawling and from there to walking?'. Physio seems to be very much about working the specific muscle groups one at a time.

Today the physio and I discussed her role and how she could support me to do the IAHP stuff because I think she could see I'm really doing the IAHP stuff as much as I can and she wants to be useful rather than coming just to have me pay lip service to her advice.

So she's given me a bunch of useful tools and fundamental principles to enhance Jacinta's core strength that can be done as part of living - i.e. picking her up or putting her down a certain way so that she uses her muscles as much as possible. I figure every little bit will help, so I just have to remember to do them.  Interestingly, the physio seems to think that Jacinta's about to take off in a full crawl - I have my doubts that it's that close since her balance isn't that great, but I can see her working really hard on getting moving so if she can start commando crawling that will be awesome so we can get some crossing of the midline going on.

We also got our very own crawling track last week, which is longer than the first - about 9 feet I think. In addition we now have our portable black and white checkerboard which we can use for visual stimulation, putting shapes and outlines on it etc, many thanks to Jacinta's Grandad and Uncle and nearly Aunt for making it for her.

So much to think about!! The possibilities are endless!

Something else that happened this week...
We watched Tinkerbell for the first time this year and I noticed something - all the fairies have almond eyes, flat nasal bridges and petite mouths. Interesting.....

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